Professional property & hoarding clean up

We understand the difficult psychological nature of a hoarding situation and its impact on the property owner we ensure a high level of sensitivity is maintained whilst managing the clean-up of the property. At CUC we are well equipped to get the property back to its original condition. Our experience in hoarder property clearance includes:

  1. - inhabitable properties
  2. - heavily soiled houses
  3. - severely cluttered properties
  4. - small and large-scale clearance
  5. - personal attachment to contents
  6. - biological waste removal
  7. - contents sorting and packing

During the property clearance process, we will ensure that all contents are removed quickly and disposed of responsibly, leaving you with a clear and de-cluttered property. Once the waste and goods have been removed, we will provide a basic clean.

  • - A general tidy up of the house
  • - Sweeping and vacuuming of floors
  • - Wipe down of bench tops
  • - Wipe down of kitchen cabinet exteriors
  • - Vacuuming of cabinet interiors
  • - Disinfecting and cleaning of sinks, tap ware and toilets
  • - Removal of interior cobwebs
  • - Air freshening/deodorising

If required, we also offer additional advanced cleaning and property maintenance services.